“Everything I paint is my manifesto of the beauty in this world – which is everywhere and always, in everyday life, and tangible to all of us. What might at first be seen as a common and mundane thing is in reality unique and special and beautiful.”

Born in Prague in 1982, Iva Folajtarova had a passion for painting since early childhood. She wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of 15. Her bright and colorful pictures illustrate her interests in spirituality and world religion. Everyday life at home and abroad are also documented in her work. Finally, her love for listening to and performing music, as well as her love for mythology, both old and new, do play another big part in her life and are reflected in her art.

Selected exhibitions:

2013 Ukradená galerie Český Krumlov

2013 Doma? Ukradená galerie Prague

2017 Abbey Zlatá koruna

2018 Karmel Edith Stein Prague

2019 „I am Nobody. Who are you?“ Champagneria, Prague


Joint exhibitions:

2014 „Salvátorský salón“ Prague

2018 „Odjinud“ Příkazy u Olomouce

autorská činnost Ivy Folajtárové